Book Keeping: A Reader's Community

Book Keeping: A Readers’ Commmunity

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  • The Oldest Boy by Sarah Ruhl
  • The Last Painting of Sara de Vos by Dominic Smith
  • Wray splash large
  • Save Room for Pie by Roy Blount Jr.
  • Acceptance by Jeff VanderMeer

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Original thoughts on books and reading by the authors you know and love.

  • Just in time for the holidays, Jeremiah Tower, and his editor, Will Schwalbe talked through the difference between restaurant manners and home manners, serving a forgotten guest, and the ideal dinner party.

  • I never set out to write a memoir. Nor did I set out to become old. Apparently I have managed to do both, first the second, and then the first. Hence, Senior Moments: Looking Back, Looking Ahead, whose title was wittily suggested by one of my friends last year. I can’t remember which one, however.

  • I’ve recently been touring around giving talks and readings in bookstores, libraries, and colleges. The subject is my latest book, Now I Sit Me Down, a history of the chair. A common question from the audience is “What is your favorite chair?” I think that the implied question is actually “What is your favorite chair design?” But I prefer to answer it literally. I have come to the conclusion that what makes a chair a “favorite” is not the way it looks, or the fame of its designer, but rather the way it is used.

  • “You uncover a place in the scent of a dish, more absolutely than in a thousand words.”

    Jason Goodwin

  • “One day a tiger cub will crawl out of my Amazon box."

    Heather O'Neill

  • “Disable one-click before consuming alcohol. You know what I mean. Oh, yes, you do.”

    Louise Doughty

  • “All my personal writing goes back to Montaigne. ”

    Phyllis Rose

  • “Music came to me in a spotty, haphazard and completely disjointed way, and it wasn’t until I started writing a novel that begins in 1966, that I found I had suddenly tapped into one of the richest veins in American music.”

    Elizabeth Crook